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  36. ronanchardonneau
    How is it like to work for the Matomo/InnoCraft team?
  37. What are the next big features the team is working on?
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  41. bjornsoderbergh
  42. Valentin Baraise
    Hi !
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  44. ronanchardonneau
    Just a question from our audience what is CLI?
  45. who can access CLI?
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  47. ronanchardonneau
    Can we add new shortcuts keyboard within Matomo?
  48. Elisa de Castro Guerra
    only the administrator system who install Matomo on server i guess ?
  49. menno
    will this talk be recorded/published afterwards? thanks!
  50. ronanchardonneau

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  51. silva.arapi

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    Yes, the talks are being recorded and we will publish them after the event
  52. ronanchardonneau
    Any plans to develop more documentation about how to make more attractive Themes?
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  54. Justin Velluppillai
    core:archive crontab - good tip!
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  56. Valentin Baraise
    The "must have" plugin is definitely Queued Tracking
  57. ronanchardonneau
  58. is there a delay for the spam prevention plugin to be applied, because I set it up and it didn't work straight away?
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  60. ronanchardonneau
    welcome lenaro
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  62. lenaro
    does the spam prevention work retroactive to filter out already made spam visits?
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  64. ronanchardonneau

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    great question I am interested in it as well
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  66. Valentin Baraise
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  68. ronanchardonneau
    Any plans to make the config.ini.php file accessible from the UI?
  69. Justin Velluppillai

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    cool idea
  70. Peter Jones
    Do you have a tip for solving upgrade issues. Sometimes the upgrade fails and the database and core are not the same version. There have been several questions on this in the forum but there isnt a good solution
  71. lenaro
  72. ronanchardonneau
    could you give a general definition of what archiving means?
  73. Peter Jones
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  75. ronanchardonneau
    thank you
  76. Justin Velluppillai
    maybe aggregating is a better word than archiving
  77. Valentin Baraise
    thank you very much
  78. Justin Velluppillai
    thanks Richard, very informative!
  79. Alenka Vozelj
    thank you!
  80. niklasternstedt
    Thank you! Great talk!
  81. lrm
    Thank you!
  82. Valentin Baraise
  83. ronan_hello
  84. Richard Stark
    Thanks for joining everyone! It was really great to answer your questions.
  85. silva.arapi
    Great session Richard Stark 🌟
  86. Stefan Koning
  87. alfonso.aponte
    Great Session Thanks Richard Stark
  88. ronanchardonneau
    Great work I am eager to review the talk Richard Stark
  89. Tomas Persson
    Very good!
  90. Lukas
    Just in case you want to write any feedback directly to Richard, you can send him a message or go to
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  94. Richard Stark
    For those interested, the presentation slides are available in the Event information page.
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