External Dashboards & Data Visualization
Matomo: External Dashboards & Data Visualization -- Watch live here: https://live.matomocamp.org/R393MD

    External Dashboards & Data Visualization

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    Topic: Matomo: External Dashboards & Data Visualization -- Watch live here: https://live.matomocamp.org/R393MD

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  25. Michael Weber

    Are you using a external visualisation solution for Matomo data already?

    No votes cast
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  33. peteatcern
  34. Tomas Persson
    Customized SQL for external transfer
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  36. raphael
  37. Marcus Österberg
    Exporting through the GUI.
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  39. Kalina Dobreva
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  42. Tomas Persson
    We kind of build our own connector with SQL
  43. ronanchardonneau
    thank you Michael Weber for coming on stage today
  44. Tomas Persson
    Excellent walk through!
  45. dianafurber
    We’re working on moving away from Google Analytics using the “non-privacy-friendly” point as one of the main reasons. So, my question is, how privacy-friendly is it then to move the data back to Google Data Studio?
  46. Udo Trautmann
    Very good overview. Thanks a lot!
  47. Niklas Ternstedt
    Can you show an example of visualization?
  48. Andreas Mühringer joined the room
  49. dianafurber
    Thank you Michael Weber that helps :)
  50. Massimo Camplone
    anyway interesting and thanks to have explained the data structure, I will try new prototypes
  51. Niklas Ternstedt
    Thank you for showing an example👌 Michael Weber
  52. Michael Weber
    Thanks to all patricipants :)
  53. Tomas Persson
    Thanks! - My talk soon will go deeper on the exported data option!
  54. Michael Weber
    Great i will attend!
  55. Tomas Persson
    Looking forward to hear you thoughts!
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