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    Topic: Imagine Ideal Matomo ! -- Watch live here:

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  29. Tomas Persson
    Regarding the avg time on page for custom reports, I made a change request to Innocraft about that 2 years ago. I suggest more people do the same and it will hopefully be prioritized.
  30. Udo Trautmann
    Yes, I also asked about this half a year ago
  31. Tomas Persson
    The setting is enable_processing_unique_visitors_range = 1 and you do it in /config/global.ini.php
  32. I think this type of question is really about selecting a professional Matomo provider. You local IT department is usually not a good choice in this case.
  33. jurgen_thano joined the room
  34. Tomas Persson
    Sorry joking a bit there ;) what i mean is that Matomo is a very complex tool and it is great that we can adopt it for different needs. However when you offer Matomo to others, you should know these details and of course configure it with the setting above enabled as an example.
  35. Udo Trautmann
    Page metrics about goal conversion is a new feature since 2 months. you can find there here in behavouir->> pages report.
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  37. Udo Trautmann
    Regarding consent management, I would like to add that it would be nice if it could possible to process consent to geolocation with a full IP address. Currently this is not possible.
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  39. Tomas Persson
    I think just small improvements to the current Dashboard solution would help a lot, Building a completely new dashboard solution is a big task.
  40. Mikael Jonsson, Statens servicecenter (Sweden)
    Great list of possible improvement. Couldn't agree more. Would also like to have faster responses but that is surely a technical thing...
  41. Udo Trautmann
    Great presentation. I totally agree with your points. Marketing clients in particular see, like you, that some UX improvements would help a lot.
  42. Tomas Persson
    Yes great initiative!
  43. In reply to this message

    Indeed a tech thing in most cases, but there are limitations in the architecture for some features as well.
  44. Udo Trautmann
    Tomas Persson: what are your thoughts on the technical limitations? (not specifically a topic of this session, but an interesting question)
  45. Kalina Dobreva joined the room
  46. Tomas Persson
    The limitations are mostly about Matomo is a relational database, this works well for small sites but when data grows the queries gets heavier from a tech perspective in some cases. Then the need for super skilled dbas are needed.
  47. Udo Trautmann
    Yes, the database is often the "brake" for fast response times. This is also my experience with sites that have stored the data for many or many years.
  48. Mikael Jonsson, Statens servicecenter (Sweden)
    Thank you for at great presentation!
  49. frederic_forster
    Thank you all!
  50. Udo Trautmann
    Thank you Frédéric !
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