Closing event
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    Closing event

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    We are here, we are here
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  30. maxwalter
    Thanks for a great conference!
  31. Redon Skikuli
    Indeed! Thanks to everyone involved.
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  34. Peter Boehlke
    Great closing speech, Ronan, thank you! Was a pleasure!
  35. Valentin Baraise
    Thank you very much Ronan !
  36. Tassoman
    byebye thank you! share and care! see you online!
  37. Valentin Baraise
    Bye bye thank all of you !
  38. silva.arapi
    Many thanks everyone for this great conference. I won't be able to join the meet, so wishing you all for a great weekend.
  39. ronanchardonneau

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    thank you for your great presentation
  40. Tassoman
    errr! I was forgetting about this: 🤌