User Feedback Plugin
Introduction to the "Matomo User Feedback" plugin -- Watch live here:

    User Feedback Plugin

    Lukas (MatomoCamp) created this room.

    This is the start of export of User Feedback Plugin. Exported by Lukas ( at 2021/11/22.

    Topic: Introduction to the "Matomo User Feedback" plugin -- Watch live here:

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  24. Thomas Czernik
    Have a great second day at the matomo camp :)
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  27. bjornsoderbergh
    No video?
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  29. Mikael Jonsson (datamicke)
    Also having problems with the stream.
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  31. Lukas
    It should be live now
  32. Mikael Jonsson (datamicke)
    Now. Update the page
  33. Thomas Czernik
    Everything is ok
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  36. Jorge Powers
    Good morning!
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  38. silva.arapi
    Good morning everyone
  39. Mikael Jonsson (datamicke)
    switch to presentationmode?
  40. silva.arapi
    Feel free to share here any questions you might have for Tomas during the presentation
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  42. nbksundhed
    Still having problems with stream - lagging quite a bit
  43. Jorge Powers
    Can you pin the presentation?
  44. Thomas Czernik
    Presentation focus whould be nice
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  46. Thomas Czernik
    Stream works perfect
  47. Stefan Giehl

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    try lowering the quality
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  49. Jorge Powers

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    It pauses if you click on the presentation, I did the same.
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  51. Thomas Czernik
  52. Jorge Powers
    We see them, but they are small
  53. Better
  54. Lukas
    We try to fix the weird format
  55. Mikael Jonsson (datamicke)
    perfect Tomas!
  56. maxwalter
    Now I see the presentation!
  57. Stefan Koning
    Now is alright.
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  59. Anders Ahlund
    Seems to be working now! :)
  60. Thomas Czernik
    Better :)
  61. Jorge Powers
    Much better
  62. bjornsoderbergh
    it works
  63. alfonso.aponte
  64. is good
  65. Thomas Czernik
    Looks right on the livestream
  66. putte
    Better now
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  68. niklasternstedt
    How is the accessibility of the forms?
  69. maxwalter
    I had the same problem with publishing yesterday in mtm but I reloaded the page and it was published but i have not debugged it in detail.
  70. Mikael Jonsson (datamicke)
    can you filter all who answer yes on one question?
  71. Stefan Giehl
    Is it possible to use the feedback as segment. e.g. segment all reports by users that gave a good/bad rating or similar?
  72. niklasternstedt
    Can I use forms analytics to analyze how the users is using the forms or can i get the data from your plugin?
  73. Mikael Jonsson (datamicke)
    sounds great with segments and combining userstatistics with feedback answers!
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  75. Stefan Giehl
    If you need help / have questions how to implement the segmentation stuff feel free to ping me. There are a lot "undocumented" code features that can be used for that
  76. Mikael Jonsson (datamicke)
    With event tracking active you should be able to filter out a segment?
  77. maxwalter
    From experience of working with similar tools in Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager, I think the extra qualitative data adds an extra dimension when analysing. So it's great that there are now similar possibilities in Matomo!
  78. bjornsoderbergh
    Message deleted
  79. bjornsoderbergh

    In reply to this message

    sounds like a theme for another workshop!!
  80. Anders Ahlund
    Looks awesome!
  81. evag joined the room
  82. Stefan Koning
    Great initiative and plugin, thanks Tomas Persson
  83. evag
    I need a feedback form after the 10th search result. It is possible to define a container (html element id), in which the feedback form will be inserted?
  84. Mikael Jonsson (datamicke)
    Great presentation Tomas! The best yet.
  85. maxwalter
    Great presentation! Thanks Tomas Persson !
  86. Åsa Sohlén
    Thanks - great presentation!
  87. Anders Ahlund
    Great presentation! Thanks!
  88. Jorge Powers
    👏 👏
  89. alfonso.aponte
    Great presentation !!
  90. Tomas Persson
    Thank you for the nice feedback! 😊
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