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    Topic: Improve your SEO with Matomo -- Watch live here:

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  29. ronanchardonneau
    Feel free to ask your questions here
  30. thank you Jean-Marc and Thomas Zeithaml to make this duo possible
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  32. tscott-dot
    Will the presentation be shared?
  33. ronanchardonneau
    Q1 - are you using meta data, words numbers etc as custom dimensions to analyze SEO? Do you do it for real? isn't it an issue in terms of database size? like firing every time the page is loaded (author name, word counts...)
  34. Q2 - do you have any solutions when it comes to measure the number of backlinks pointing to a specific domain, in order to store this value within Matomo?
  35. Q3 - How technical it is to measure error servers? Is it log import method used?
  36. Q4 - Is there any improvements you wish Matomo had in order to analyze better SEO?
  37. Q5 - Have you ever heard of interest on the side of SEM Rush to include competitors data within Matomo as a plugin? Typically a simple widget plugin like Amperage did with Crazy Egg and Moz?
  38. Q6 - Do you identify potential bridges between bots such as Screaming Frog and Matomo? Like having a bot to populate Matomo with useful data.
  39. Q7 - For Thomas, is knowing Matomo a key success factor when it comes to sell SEO services in Germany?
  40. Q8 - How do you manage the catch all titles of a given page? Are the data sent as a list of values or is it through the custom variables which can be multivaluate?
  41. Marcus Österberg
  42. I've personally been playing with custom dimension for "Average reading time", on a small site. But we have clients with massive amounts of data using similar techniques. Have not heard of any issues yet.
  43. ronanchardonneau
    Marcus Österberg: perfect, so here, in this use case, isn't it an issue to send multiple times the same value?
  44. Perfect thank you
  45. in fact, it makes sense, whatever the data is, page author etc
  46. custom dimension at the action level have to be numerous
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  48. ronanchardonneau
    compared to visit scope level right?
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  50. Marcus Österberg

    In reply to this message

    I guess that those examples such as author etc have to be on Action Dimension though.

    A visit dimension I use is "Dark mode preference" since it is the same through-out the entire session (presumably).

  51. dianafurber
    Message deleted
  52. ronanchardonneau
    Q9 - ever heard of a solution to inform what are the potential keyword associated to each landing page
  53. Marcus Österberg
    Thanks, really interesting!
  54. dianafurber
    Thank you
  55. tscott-dot
  56. ronanchardonneau
    Thank you once more for all the expertise sharing
  57. tscott-dot
    Really keen if a presentation could be shared as I couldn't note everything down. All very interesting.
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