Get a kick ass dashboard in Matomo -- Watch live here: https://live.matomocamp.org/TPFDWN


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    Topic: Get a kick ass dashboard in Matomo -- Watch live here: https://live.matomocamp.org/TPFDWN

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  32. Marcus Österberg
    Is there any frequently asked question from users transitioning from Google Analytics?
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  35. dianafurber
    Is it possible to embed the dashboard in an external website. For example, if I want to send people to this page rather than having to create accounts for each of them in Matomo where they then have to log in?
  36. Thanks :)
  37. Marcus Österberg
    Thanks for a great presentation!
  38. jurgen_thano
    Thank you
  39. Johan Westin
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  41. Anders Ahlund
    @dianafurber You can for example choose "Administration > Platform > Widgets" and embed a whole dashboard or separate widgets in a html-page. Quite useful in some cases :)
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