Tag Manager and Consent solutions
Tag Manager/Consent solutions -- Watch live here: https://live.matomocamp.org/EDHADW

    Tag Manager and Consent solutions

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    This is the start of export of Tag Manager and Consent solutions. Exported by Lukas (@lukas:lw1.at) at 2022/11/23.

    Topic: Tag Manager/Consent solutions -- Watch live here: https://live.matomocamp.org/EDHADW

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  21. Marcus Österberg
    Good morning! 🥱
  22. ronanchardonneau
    Marcus Österberg: good morning Marcus, you made me think of an idea, like creating a Matomo user group in Europe
  23. something like an entity to create events whatever it would be hackathon, agency/student competition etc
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  27. Niklas Ternstedt
    Good morning👋
  28. Marcus Österberg
    ronanchardonneau: that would be great! Lets continue drawing the outlines when the Matomocamp dust settles 💪
  29. An open document for those interested in creating a European user group:

    Ping ronanchardonneau

  30. ronanchardonneau
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  34. Niklas Ternstedt
    Is it just for me the stream is lagging?
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  36. Marcus Österberg

    In reply to this message

    Works on my really bad rural 4G.
  37. Lukas
    Also looks fine for me
  38. You could try the alternative streams, they have other ISPs and routing
  39. Niklas Ternstedt
    Works fine for me now😊
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  43. Niklas Ternstedt
    Can I decide how long the cookie will be saved?
  44. uwe-madmen
    Hi - is it also possible to implement 3rd party consent tools like usercentrics or consent manager?
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  46. setVisitorCookieTimeout
  47. setReferralCookieTimeout
  48. setSessionCookieTimeout
  49. Niklas Ternstedt
    Awesome, thanks!
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  51. Udo Trautmann
    uwe-madmen: As far as I know there is no solution without programming. With UserCentrics you can use the Javascript events of the cookie banner and place your own code in these events.
    In my opinion, this is only necessary if you need consent to track with cookies, and then without consent to track without cookies.
  52. Tomas Persson
    Most consent managers sets a cookie when users give consent, I usually look for that cookie and then send the conscent to matomo with _paq.push(['rememberCookieConsentGiven']);
  53. I actually made a patch to the TagManager a few days ago that will give you a setting to change the visitor cookie time directly in the MAtomo configuration setting.
  54. Marcus Österberg

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    Johan Westin: this one?
  55. Udo Trautmann
    Tomas Persson where is the patch available? in a new matomo version?
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  57. Niklas Ternstedt
    And if I don't use Tag Manager you can do all of this with javascript in the Matomo-script?
  58. Tomas Persson
    Hopefulle we will get in into core soon
  59. Yes you need to send tracker.setVisitorCookieTimeout(seconds); right before you do tracker.trackPageView();
  60. uwe-madmen
    thank you
  61. Mikael Jonsson, Statens servicecenter (Sweden)
    Really good introduction on setting it up and understanding how it works. Thank you! =)
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  63. Manuel Schadl
    Thank you! Very interesting insights!
  64. Marcus Österberg
    If I remove my consent, is the previously stored data actually removed? Such as my ID and masked IP-address?
  65. Alfonso Aponte
    Great presentation Johan, Thank you.
  66. Tomas Persson
    Yes nice walk through!
  67. Marcus Österberg
    Thanks Johan for a great talk!
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  69. Niklas Ternstedt
    Thank you for a nice talk!
  70. lrm
  71. Johan Westin
    I've added the presentation to the talk here if you would like to download it for later reference. https://schedule.matomocamp.org/media/matomocamp-2022/submissions/EDHADW/resources/Johan_Westin__Tagmanager_and_consent_soluti_gS7uxvU.pdf
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